Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Newest Series – Ginormous SS Capped and Cored Focals!

In yesterday's post, we shared how we came about making our own line of high-quality leather jewelry. Today, we want to show you the culprits - our capped and cored beads. All of our sterling silver cored beads fit the popular European style Pandora, Biagi and Troll bracelets but this series of ginormous capped and cored focals are definitely way too big for bracelets. These are to be strung on a thick chain . . . or one of our new leather necklaces.

Each one is made with various Double Helix silver glass, including many test and odd batches. The results are similar to our shimmering Pearlescent Series with colors ranging from golden hues, palest pinks and lavenders, rich purples and magentas to opal-like blues and greens. Please visit our Etsy store to see the latest!

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