Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hayley's Silver Glass Twisties Recipes e-Booklet

I have been asked often on the “ingredients” in my twisties beads which is what prompted me to decide to put together some of my favorite twisties recipes over the past two years into an e-booklet. I hope to have it completed by next month. I guess being a graphic designer helps this process!

My twisites are usually made using five to 10 different glass, with many being silver glass, thus contributing to their amazing reactive qualities. The e-booklet is not going to be a tutorial and will not show how a twisty is made. This will instead emphasize exactly what glass is used with diagrams illustrating the placement of each glass as you construct you base for the twisty. Having said that, nothing is set in stone and I do hope you will mix it up and have some fun! Also remember that the glass of the base bead is also a critical part of the equation.

I use a lot of silver glass, some of which are odd/test batches which may not be available anymore. In cases like that, I will indicate possible substitute glass that will yield similar results. There will be LOTS of photographs of my beads and what goes on each one.


We finally did it! Our very first blog! Perhaps it's because we have something to announce – SE3!


SE3 – Third Silver Color How To e-Booklet: - 72 pages - over 180 beads with description - list of silver glass by manufacturers - index for each silver glass used in the booklet - step-by-step instruction on striking silver glass with photos - step-by-step instruction on reducing silver glass with photos

Available in printed book format, high-resolution CD version or low-resolution PDF version:

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The spiral bound, printed book format of SE 3
Third Silver Color How To Booklet is available at lulu.com.

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The CD version contains a high-resolution pdf of SE3 – Third Silver Color How To e-booklet, as well as an authorization letter, also in pdf format, to print one (1) copy of the booklet at a service bureau, such as Kinko's. This CD version will be mailed to you via first class USPS shipping within one business day after purchase. Please allow two business days for international shipping. Available at our Etsy store.

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A Low Resolution Version of SE3 – Third Silver Color How To e-Booklet, is available for viewing on your computer. You may also print one (1) copy of this using your printer at home. No authorization will be given with this version to print at a service bureau. Please make sure you have high-speed internet connection before ordering this version. Instant download is available here on our Blog!

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To determine if you want a high-resolution or a low-resolution version:
High-resolution = good quality, crisp, and sharp images Even if you don't plan on taking this to a service bureau to print, as long as you have a decent inkjet printer at home, this may be the version to go with. Low-resolution = for viewing on your computer monitor If your home printer is just adequate or if you only plan on viewing the pdf on your computer monitor only, then this version is perfect for you. Hope this helps!