Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Double Helix Clio Dark

Once in a while, Double Helix offers an "odd" batch of its regular production silver glass that is . . . I hate to say "better" because it really isn't . . . different. It's also probably because it's "odd" and may not be around for long. Examples are Psyche Light, Aurae Light Gold, and the latest . . . Clio Dark!

Can you say LOVE?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Double Helix Tinted Opaques

In addition to the wonderful tinted luster test batches Double Helix had for the ISGB Gathering last month, there were its newest tinted opaques! I had a chance to play with them a bit and here are two beads made with OC472, TH473, OP470 on Opal Yellow and Pink.

The top bead also has some Reichenbach 96 pink (the small dots) and the row of dots on the right of the bead is Effetre 253 (it spreads and devits and is reactive on the OY, very cool).

I find that the OC472 is a lot like the old ASK Silver Cinnamon/Silver Rattan except that you can strike it to a shimmering dark brick color (see under the purple flowers in the bead below as well as the first bead on the left in the last picture). The TH473 is a bit like ASK Mediterranean Olive and it also reduces! OP 470 is a pretty lavender but upon reduction, it turns gray/tan so I usually erase some of the reducing effects with an oxidizing flame to bring back some of the purple.

What I love about these three colors is that unlike Effetre opaques, they do NOT spread so they are perfect for my Ornate Series beads!

In pairs, from left to right, OC472, TH473 and OP470, all reduced.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Highlight(s) of the 2011 ISGB Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky

Top on the list of the highlights, hands down, is winning John Kobuki's marble at the Live Auction. After watching the video of its creation during his fantastic presentation - and learning that he had none for sale - I was determined to have it. My meager photography does not do its beauty justice!

More highlights to come! :)