Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leather Interchangeable Bracelets and Necklaces

We tried to purchase premium-quality interchangeable leather cord jewelry for our sterling silver cored (and capped) beads. When we couldn't find any that met our high standard, we decided the only way to offer such pieces was to make them ourselves.

We researched and tried various different sterling silver end caps, clasps and leather, and finally came up with this line of double-clasp, interchangeable necklaces and bracelets. These will fit any European-style beads with holes larger than 4mm diameter that are made for Pandora and Biagi chains. Our bracelets also come with six rubber stoppers so your beads won't all hang below your wrist.

These pieces were very popular at our jewelry show last month. We put together bracelets and necklaces with our signature silver cored Leaves Series beads, our metal clay discs in bronze and copper, and our silver cored silver glass spacers.

These interchangeable bracelets and necklaces are available now on our ArtFire and Etsy online stores.

How the Double-Clasp System Works

Open the end with the smaller clasp to add bead(s)

Use the end with the larger clasp to put the necklace/bracelet on and off so the bead(s) will not fall out

For Bracelets Only
The rubber stoppers should be placed along the entire length of the bracelet separating the beads evenly, especially if you don’t have beads to fill the entire bracelet.

We recommend placing a stopper at the beginning and at the end of the bracelet even if you do have enough beads to fill the entire bracelet.

To remove, make sure that you ease the rubber stopper OVER the end cap with your finger nails instead of trying to pull it and the end cap off together.

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