Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photoshop Workshop – The Details

Prior experience with computer programs is highly recommended - essentially you should know more than just getting on the web and reading your email. This is a fast-pace workshop and I'd hate to have you not being able to keep up! It's also important that you have or plan on purchasing Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you have a laptop and prefer to use your own program, feel free to bring it. You will be working on a Macintosh computer - if you are on a PC, the only difference is your Alt is our Command key. Photoshop is almost identical on both platforms.

$125 for Day One
$200 for both days

Saturday 25 April and Saturday 2 May, 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch
The reason for picking two Saturdays is that you will have time between the two classes to practice at home and attend the second day with questions. I also feel that you will digest the information better this way.

Day One Morning
• You are to bring a photograph of your bead/jewelry, your camera, as well as the bead/jewelry itself, preferably the same one.
• I will demonstrate the steps on how to process an image on Photoshop - sharpening, color correcting so the image matches the piece, cropping and sizing for various usages including web, saving, archiving, retouching, etc.
• You will do these steps with your computer partner on the image you brought

Day One Afternoon
• I will work with each of you and photograph the same bead/jewelry with YOUR camera on my photo setup, we will discuss about photography setup as well
• You will process the new image in Photoshop
• You will go home with a CD of your images

Day Two Morning
This is a working day for questions and I will help each of you to trouble shoot any issues you might have at home after Day One. You may bring other beads/jewelry to photograph and work through the process again.
Day Two Afternoon
For those of you who are ready to go on to some of the more advance functions, I will demo more techniques in the afternoon.

Attached are two images - first one was the image my friend took on her own before our lesson, the second one was what she ended up with after she photographed with her own point-and-shoot camera and processed the image in Photoshop. (Note: she didn't bring the pendant from the first image.)



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