Monday, May 18, 2009

Double Helix TE-265

I have been obsessed with this test batch of Double Helix glass lately. It's the most amazing silver glass EVER, imho. There is nothing in the market quite like it. It both strikes and reduces - and the result is glorious iridescence in hues of the entire color spectrum! AND it retains the mother-of-pearl opalescence under encasement.

Can't decide if we will list this on eBay or keep it for our private collection! ;-)

Now . . . waiting to see when Double Helix may make this again!!!

* click on the image for a larger view!


Judith (Icarus Beads) said...

Ah, love this glass. If I just could get my hand on any of it. I was too late when they sold it on their webpage.

Love your beads made with the TE-265. Amazing!

I hope you don't mind me asking ... did you first strike it and then reduce it? I couldn't really figure from your explanation.

enVision said...

Thank you, Judith!

I strike it in a reducing flame. Does that make sense? I heat the bead till the haze appears, let it cool till the glow is gone . . . TE265 is actually brown then. Instead of striking it at the tip of a neutral flame, I adjust the flame to reducing with about 2.5" yellow candles.