Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disc Challenged!

One of the most challenging shapes in beadmaking for me has always been the disc. I love Karolen / Beadabundant's sets and bought a glorious Triton set from her so I may admire the perfectly formed discs in person.

No matter how careful I am with the touch down of the glass, I always end up with a tiny bloop of glass sticking out on the mandrel on one side of the hole! I finally asked for help at the ISGB's forum and got a few tips. Off to practice I went and here are a few discs that turned out fair. The latest one is the one in the front . . . made with my current favorite silver glass, Double Helix TE-265. I am quite pleased and hope to one day be able to make a full set of decently shaped silver discs!


Louise said...

So what was the tip? - I'm bursting to know!! I have that trouble too and really admire perfect disks - it looks like you've got it figured out ;o)

enVision said...

I am not quite sure! lol! I was told to lay the glass down with the front edge of the rod touching down first, use a much smaller flame and go slowly . . . it worked! Now I need to make more to "hone" the skills!!!