Friday, April 17, 2009

Terranova 2.1 and Luna 2.1

The latest release of these two Double Helix striking silver glass are slightly different in rod form, thus earning the version name "2.1." we have been asked the differences, if any, between the two versions - 2.1 versus 2.

Stephanie Bonniwell and I had the opportunity to test them and here are our observations. (For Stephanie's beautiful beads, check out her blog and her Etsy store!)

Stephanie: Luna 2.1 developed a deep amber tone fast. As we know, capturing the potential of the first strike works well with this glass. It developed colors best with a core heat. Luna2 reminds me of a lighter amber version of Terra.

Hayley: Luna 2.1 yields colors faster than Luna 2. Other than that, there is almost no difference.

This bead was made with Luna 2.0 on the top half and Luna 2 on the bottom half.

Stephanie: Terranova 2.1 developed colors with various heat treatments and didn't require a core heat to work. I think it responds better to a deeper heat to induce more color and striations, but it isn't a requirement. It was a welcome surprise to see more color development in the kiln. I like the deeper shades and striations.

Hayley: Terranova 2.1 is slightly less purple and more green as you are working the glass and it kilns strikes richer. I think it has a bit of the characteristics of Pandora. I also think that those people who complained about Terranova 2 being a bit dark would be delighted with Terranova 2.1. Terranova 2.1 seems to yield striations more readily than 2 as well.

Terranova 2.1, heavily encased with Double Helix Aether Clear (our FAVORITE clear!)

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