Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love e-junkie!

Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels is one of my favorite and most admired lampworkers. She has five lampworking tutorials and I own all of them! (The latest one, The Painted Rose Bead, was gifted to me by my good friend, Stephanie Bonniwell, another one of my favorite lampworkers!) I loved the ease of purchasing her four tutorials and was directed immediately to an instant download page after my transaction was completed via PayPal. I finally asked her one day about the program she used . . . that was the first time I heard of e-junkie .

Then I forgot about it!

Unfortunately we lived in a time where everything is about instant gratification. I tried setting up a policy that pdfs would be emailed within one business day upon purchase but no one wanted to wait until Monday what they bought Friday evening! Then there were those times when, for whatever reasons, the pdf couldn't get transferred. It's emailed but either never showed up on the recipient's end or showed up as gobbledy-gook!

After SE3 came out, I started seriously thinking about how much better the process would be for both myself AND my customers if an instant download was set up. The customers don't need to wait, EVER! Moreover, I am not tied to the computer all the time!

So FINALLY when Swirl was ready to be released, I signed up for a one-week free trial with e-junkie . Its user interface was very easy to use and in no time, I had my account set up, product list created, pdfs uploaded and everything was done through this blog! I should really have signed up with e-junkie SOONER!

Here is a summary list of the benefits of this amazing program:
• Instant download
• FREE one-week trial
• $5.00/month for maximum of 10 products and 50MB disk space
• CART Button generated with html codes for your website or blog
• NO listing fee
• NO percentage of final sales price is charged

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

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