Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Challenge 2 Update and MORE!

My three-color Challenge 2 of the 40-bead project hit a screeching halt due to travel. I managed to sneak in a little time at the torch between trips for I had wanted to take what I learned from Heather Trimlett's amazing project and incorporated into my work for a while now. I am thrilled at what turned up in the kiln! I am sure the kiln fairy helped! ;-)

First are the latest Challenge 2 beads. Size consistency is my nemesis! I may have a plan in mind as I am laying down the base color but inevitably the glass "speaks" and I would go off to a completely different direction – usually resulting in a MUCH larger bead than planned! I have decided to stop fighting the speaking of the glass!

Double Helix Opaque Luster Test Batch TH473, discontinued George Tessman Glasswork Black Nebula (for the reaction lines), and the trusty Effetre Opal Yellow, beads #10 to 14:

Beads #15 to 18

Incorporating what I learned to my regular work, I did use a tool to rake the bead on the right (challenge rules do not allow using tools) I believe I will have a new series soon! I think I will offer both giant focals along with smaller complementary beads in different color palettes!

Here is a picture showing the scale of the focals - the sphere on the right is 29mm (a little over 1-1/8") from hole to hole.

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Dzign by Jamie said...

Amazing and so beautiful!