Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heather Trimlett's 40-Bead Challenge Results #1

I started a thread on the Lampwork Etc. forum a month ago so I would stick with this challenge to its completion. I am now onto Challenge #2 with three colors instead of two... and happy to report many of the 90+ participants also completed their first challenge!

If you are not familiar with Heather's challenge, click here.

Better yet, join us at LE! There is no deadline so jump in anytime to challenge yourself!

Here are the result of our participants who completed Challenge 1!

Deborah – Black and White

Ellen – Black and White

Felicia – Lapis Cobalt and White

Gail – CiM Firecracker Red and Vetrofond Coral

Hayley – Double Helix Kronos 2 and White

Julie – Lapis and Light Turquoise

Karen C – CiM Creamsical and White

Kristin – Light Turiquoise and Avocado

Liz – Kugler 181 Silver Brown and Tongue Pink

Marianne – Periwinkle and Black

Martinia – Vetrofond Black and Silver Pink

Milyn – Light Sky Blue and Dark Brown

Susan R – Cobalt and White

Susan S – Lauscha Hawaii Purple and Copper Green

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