Friday, July 15, 2011

Double Helix Test Batches - Tinted Luster

One of the most anticipated events in our silver glass world is the release of Double Helix's test batches at the annual ISGB conference, The Gathering! This year in Louisville, Kentucky, beadmakers will be in for a treat! In addition to many other test batches, Double Helix will be offering at least eight of its newest Tinted Luster silver glass. Unlike the bling of its popular reducing silver glass such as Triton, Aurae, etc. These Tinted Luster are more subtle and yield beautiful shimmering ghostly effects under encasement. Unfortunately photographing these effects is extremely challenging! Remember that when you check out the following images!

I used Aether to encase all the beads that have encasement except for those in the last photo. I hope to create more test beads using Zephyr but my stash of Zephyr is running extremely low. I am happy to say that in addition to all the amazing test batches, Double Helix will be pre-releasing Zephyr at The Gathering too! I am looking forward to stocking up!

Next I will have to try these on different base beads!

OK455 - rod color: slate gray. The encased beads are much more transparent in real life.

BE456 - rod color: light lavender. The effects are more brighter in real life - this is one of the most difficult one to photograph. Center bead shows BE456 stormed (it doesn't storm well as you can see!)

BE462 - rod color: medium purple. Rich shimmery effects under encasement are stunning. Center bead shows BE462 stormed.

BE458 - rod color: dark purple. Unencased beads retain hints of grape purple hues. Center bead shows BE458 stormed.

OX461 - rod color: yellow. I was most surprised by this batch - lots of possibilities depending on how it's reduced before encasement! OX461 was used as the base of the giant-hole bead on the right.

OX457 - rod color: chartreuse. Gorgeous golden chartreuse hues with loads of shimmer. OX457 was used as the base of the giant-hole bead on the right.

OX460 - rod color: olive green. Blue-green capped bead was encased in Zephyr. OX460 was used as the base of the giant-hole bead on the right.

OX459 - rod color: emerald green. Hints of blue shimmers under Aether encasement - lots of blue shimmers with Zephyr encasement (next photo).

The bead on the right is also OX459 but encased in Zephyr. I love the blue-green shimmery effects. The other three are the purple tinted luster, from left to right, BE456, BE462, and E458.


Jane Perala said...

Beautiful - love those greens!

Judith Billig (Icarus Beads) said...

Oh lovely. I played with one of the new purple rods (not labeled), and loved the results.
And I'm a big fan of all the emerald/green colors.
Can't wait - hope DH has some left after the Gathering to sell online (I know, it's unrealistic ... I'm the eternal optimist LOL).