Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reactive Twisties 2011

This booklet is a compilation of exchange beads submitted for Reactive Twisties 2011 – Reactive Twisty Bead How To and Exchange - on lampworketc forum. There are almost 100 beads with description. Each bead is accompanied by the recipes of glasses used and some have detailed step by step description of how the bead was made (the level of detail is based on how much information the original beadmaker shared.) 34 pages plus cover.

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Reactive Twisties 2011 - pdf version

This pdf version of Reactive Twisties 2011 and is for viewing on your computer. You may also print one (1) copy of this using your printer at home. No authorization will be given with this version to print at a service bureau such as Kinko's. Please make sure you have high-speed internet connection. Instant download is available here on our Blog!

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Reactive Twisties 2011 - printed book version
The spiral bound, printed book format of Reactive Twisties 2011 is available at for $34.00 plus shipping.

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Reactive Twisties 2011 - CD version
The CD version contains a high-resolution pdf of Reactive Twisties 2011, as well as an authorization letter, also in pdf format, to print one (1) copy of the booklet at a service bureau, such as Kinko's. This CD version will be mailed to you via first class USPS shipping within one business day after purchase. Please allow two business days for international shipping. Available upon request.

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To determine if you want a high-resolution or a medium-resolution version: High-resolution = good quality, crisp, and sharp images Even if you don't plan on taking this to a service bureau to print, as long as you have a decent inkjet printer at home, this may be the version to go with. Medium-resolution = for viewing on your computer monitor. If your home printer is just adequate or if you only plan on viewing the pdf on your computer monitor only, then this version is perfect for you. We are also offering a printed book version at for those of you who don't want to be bothered with printing the pdf yourselves. Hope this helps!

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