Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Using my butterfly murrinis on my beads!

In my last post, I showed the quarter-size butterfly murrini for my paperweight along with some smaller ones for my beads. I finally had a chance to use them! Two of my Ginormous Capped and Cored series with the wee butterflies! Both made with Double Helix test batches.

Many of my students and customers are always surprised when they actually see my beads in person for they are usually bigger than they thought! Here I put a bunch of my spherical beads in my hand so you can get a point of reference. The smallest one may even be a wee too big for Pandora bracelets! :)

Speaking of GINORMOUS - here is one that just kept growing! The largest capped and cored bead I have ever made.


Daniela Ellenberger said...

I love your beads, they are absolutely gorgous!

enVision said...

Thank you so much, Daniela! :) Hayley