Friday, March 26, 2010

Hayley's Current Murrini Collection

I have always loved murrinis and used to purchase them when I first started applying them on my beads for my own was not up to standard. After many trials and errors, my own murrinis finally were acceptable. Moreover, I found the process completely addicting! I love coming up with different color combinations as well as glass reactions. I realize that I have more murrini chips than I can possibly use myself. So when I started getting emails asking if I sell my murrinis, I decided it's time to share.

Since I am not in the murrini business, I don't plan on selling different mixes. Instead, I am selling exactly the ones I use myself regularly. Please note that the collection changes all the time, thus the name "Current Murrini Collection." What you get today and one month from now won't be the same! I offer them in packages of 50 or packages of 100. Each order will come with a reference sheet showing you some of the murrini chips as well as how they look applied.

I use silver glass (Double Helix, StrikingColor, Precision 104, George Tessman, TAG), many of which are odd lots that are no longer available or test batches that have never been released. I use sought-after glass that is currently out of production including, but not limited to, the amazing ASK (Arrow Springs Kugler) palette, Vetrofond Odd Lots, Effetre Cool Colors, CiM Unique, and Lauscha. All the glass I use is COE 104 to ensure compatibility.

Here are some of my beads with my murrinis:

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