Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Latest Double Helix Test Batches CE, CL, and KA Series

To say that I am in love is to put it mildly. Just when I thought Ekho was the BESTEST silver glass ever made, Double Helix released its Aether Clear (the best clear EVER made) and along with it, a bunch of odd/test batches based on its NE323 and NE325 color shifting series.

I plan on capping and coring these for our Ginormous BHBs series but ran out of 1/2" sterling silver discs! These will not be on our Etsy store until after they have been capped and cored but we just can't wait to share with you the glass!

These are Pandora size spacers still need to be cored. From left to right: CE-352, CE-352G, CL-359, CL-360, CL-361, KA-356, and KA-357

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