Friday, June 26, 2009

Metal Clay

To say that Helen has been busy is an understatement! Most of use think that she has a rock factory going, lol! Here is the result of her "experiment" using Hadar's Metal Clay in both bronze and copper.

When my friend, Aja of Wandering Spirit Designs, decided to take a one-day workshop with Hadar, she wanted to learn all about hinges. Her first project was a tile bracelet and I decided to make one too. Side by side we started and I finally finished mine:

A few things I learned in this process:
• use an extruder for the tubing
• use a mini mitre jig and jeweler saw to cut the hinges
• use a low-speed bench top drill to assure all the holes are uniform
• use thinner wire for the hinges - 20 ga instead of 18 ga - so it balls up easier
• use sheet metal (I think it's 24 ga) for the clasp

I have learned a LOT but not sure if I will be making another one anytime soon! ;-)

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